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24 HR Emergency Service

Historical consumption reports


Inventory tracking and re-order alarms


Vehicle and hose activation/deactivation


Wireless installation


Scalable - from a single to an unlimited number of sites, vehicles and employees


Web enabled - no need for desktop software

Fuel Management

J.A. Robinson Pump Service Ltd. is proud to be a distributor of Coencorp products and services.


Next to payroll, manitenance and fuel are typically the largest expenses at vehicle-fleet operating organizations, providing untapped opportunities for substantial savings and productivity improvement. Coencorp solutions deliver these benefits through smart application of the most cost effective electronic and information technologies.


The Coencorp FuelZone solution provides unattended control, tracking and reconciliation of fuel.

Tracking your fuel consumption has never been easier. Whether you operate a fleet of just a few vehicles in one site, or thousands of vehicles roaming dozens of sites, you will find solutions that meet your requirement as well as your budget. 


FuelZone: Virtually unlimited capacity, captures critical fuel and vehicular data automatically. Wireless installation, no cards or keypad, zero human intervention.


FuelZone transit: Perfectly adapted for public transit organizations. Monitor fleet performance, schedule preventive maintenance and account for every drop of fuel dispensed, all without human intervention.


GCC-10: The most economical fuel management solution. Tracks consumption for up to 200 electronic keys, on 2 hoses, with no manual data entry. Also wireless!